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Wow! Those are some great shipping policies. A shipping method for every schedule or budget and all of them are a great value. Flat rate shipping charges allow you to pay just one low shipping price no matter how much you order. We even offer a free shipping option.

Your order ships quickly as well. We keep all of the items we sell on hand and ship your order as soon as we receive it. Most orders leave our warehouse the same business day.

We ship Internationally as well. We've been in business since 1998 and have shipped orders to over 70 countries, mainly countries that have low risk of shipping trouble.

Finally, and most importantly, your order will be discreetly and securely shipped. Not only will it be sent in an unmarked box, but that box will be secured by the industry's most tamper-proof style of tape. This assures you the utmost privacy. After the sale, you'll be protected by our bullet-proof privacy policy, because privacy is what we do best, afterall, this site is run by PriveCo, the world's most private company.

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