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Donate 1 Penny and We'll Donate A Dollar!

Help Us Donate
Help Us Donate
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Help Us Donate   

Help Us Donate
Donate 1 penny to prevent suicide and we will donate $1.00.

PriveCo is commited to helping people in need. When we began our business in 1998 we decided to offer a charitable contribution matching program. Unlike other programs that match your donation evenly, we match your donation by up to 100 times. Our small company (now six employees) has contributed over $14,000 to charity.

It is difficult to determine which charity or charities should receive our donations and which should not. We start with the better business bureau list of approved charities. We are a BBB member and we trust their organization completely. The next step is to determine what type of charity to support.

Our research has found that suicide is a serious problem. Suicide afflicts the young but affects many others. The death of a young person is a very tragic thing that hurts friends, families and communities.

Suicide is mostly a temporary condition. If a suicide can be prevented once, the chance of it reoccuring is small.

Suicide prevention is also quite successful. Many people who have approached suicide and decided against it did so because of the kindness of others. Suicide prevention organizations are good at what they do and what they do is worthwhile and productive.

We also feel a special connection with suicide prevention. Our business success is based upon the prevention of embarrassing situations. We offer products that people would rather not talk about and our business is successful because now folks don't need to talk about it. Unfortunately, suicide works the other way. People often don't discuss their thoughts of suicide because they are embarrassed. This usually works out the wrong way. Suicide prevention organizations face the same challenge we do. They want to remove the embarrassment from a situation.

Finding a BBB approved suicide prevention organization is not as easy as you may think. Only a small number of brave groups tackle this problem directly and even fewer do it efficiently. We are happy to have found an organization in our state the we work with. They are called Common Ground Sanctuary and you can find out more about them here.

Our company is commited to working with Common Ground. Here is our pledge. If you pledge to donate at least one penny with your order we will donate one dollar. You are welcome to pledge more than a penny and we will donate your additional amount as well. Don't worry, we keep the receipts and post the thank you letters from Common Ground here.

It is a courageous thing that the people at Common Ground do. To answer a single hotline call must take an enormous amount of bravery and commitment. We hope you will join us in our support of their group.

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