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Double Layer Privacy for your Private Order

Double Layer Privacy
Double Layer Privacy
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EnemaSupply already provides an incredibly private service, but if you are looking for a way to add even more privacy protection to your order, here is how to do it. Use PriveCo's exclusive Double Layer Privacy option. Double Layer Privacy adds a second layer of security to your shipment, making it harder for nosy neighbors, roommates or family to learn the secret to your happiness.

Every order with us is incredibly private. Soon after you place your order you'll receive a plain brown box in the mail. The box won't say much. It will merely have the return address "PriveCo Inc.". That is our corporate name and it helps keep your shipment discreet.

Be ready, because opening your package won't be easy. You'll need a knife, because we will have secured your parcel with special, tamper-proof tape. This tape cannot be pried off and then resealed, it has to be cut open. This may seem like a pain, but when it comes to privacy, we don't take any chances.

If that level of privacy doesn't sound like enough to you, you will want to order Double Layer Privacy.

Double Layer Privacy raises the privacy level even further. When you order double layer privacy, after you open your shipping box, you still won't be able to tell what is inside. That is because your contents and invoice will be sealed in an opaque black plastic bag. This black plastic seal is another way that PriveCo keeps your private life private. Double Layer Privacy thwarts the efforts of nosy neighbors and curious roommates. It also prevents post office accidents from revealing what you ordered.

Double Layer Privacy is a unique offering. While our normal privacy methods are matched by a small number of companies, no one goes as far as we do to protect your personal information. We invented Double Layer Privacy to ensure that you have every opportunity to shop as privately as possible.

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