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Fetish Fantasy Curved Douche/Enema

A Curved Enema
A Curved Enema
Item# E-PD3921-23
Regular Price: $15.99
Enema Supply Price: $13.99

A Curved Enema   A Curved Enema   A Curved Enema   

A Curved Enema
The Curved Enema is cleverly curved to give you the most intense clean. This syringe enema comes with a screw-on applicator with an easy spray nozzle. The Curved Enema can be used vaginally or anally, as a douche or enema.

The Curved Enema holds up to 300mL. The applicator has a diameter of 0.73 inches. It is 4.5 inches long and features a slight bend. The bottle itself is easy to squeeze.

The Curved Enema's applicator was designed to stimulate hard to reach areas. Fill the bulb with liquid, and squeeze it to release. Perfect for him or her.


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