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CleanStream Shower Enema Set

Clean Stream Shower Enema Set
Clean Stream Shower Enema Set
Item# E-LE776
Regular Price: $49.99
Enema Supply Price: $39.99

Clean Stream Shower Enema Set   

Clean Stream Shower Enema Set
The Shower Enema Set is an easy-to-install enema kit that installs right in your shower for the ultimate in superior cleansing. The Shower Enema Set easily fits onto your existing shower head using a simple screw-on valve included in the kit.

To install, just screw one of the two included nozzles onto the end of the matching steel hose. Turn on your shower and use the valve switch to regulate the flow of water—giving you complete control of your experience.

Be prepared and confident with the easy to use shower enema set. It comes with a stainless steel wand and a stainless steel spike for your comfort. The bidet hose is 71 inches in length to use in any position.

Set includes:

  • One narrow 3.5 inch nozzle
  • One long 6 foot hose
  • One large 5 inch nozzle
  • One valve to regulate the flow of water

Shower enemas are great for home use and for extreme cleanliness.

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